We love to entertain and we’re applying our sense of life to create abiding stories that resonate with fans.

HOTAiR is a parallel universe that has collided with ours. In HOTAiR, elephants and donkeys hold prominent positions in the media, while pigs have obtained advanced flight technology and threaten to disrupt not only the food chain, but the entire social order. The HOTAiR universe mirrors our own, giving us an opportunity to laugh and learn from our faults. The story will be playing out across many different forms of media, including books, mobile games, video, and blogs.

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GNN, hosted by Gusto Coop


Together WE Make News

A HOTAiR.LOL News Blog

Hosted by Gusto Coop, a donkey unicorn, GNN is the leading left-leaning news channel of the HOTAiR universe.

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The Truthiest News

A HOTAiR.LOL News blog

Hosted by Mambo Jo, a soulful truth-seeking surfer who will stop at nothing to report the truth, even if it means his parent network cuts funding to the show. With frequent guest appearances from celebrity tech guru, Omar.

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Uranus Liberated


A HOTAiR.LOL Mobile Game

URANUS LIBERATED is the first installment of the interactive component of our HotAir storyline, starring Space Duke, a honkey emoji-esk character brought to life by Swine Daver, and sent into the depths of Uranus to Fix some broken gas pipelines in a faction of Swine Daver’s Secret Space Program.

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Early Access to Uranus Liberated

We want your help polishing this duke into the best he can be. We’d love to give early access to those interested in giving us feedback and suggestions for how to inject more fun and more laughs into this game about liberating Uranus.